Emphasizing the core value of excellence, our unique programs provide gifted young people with the opportunity to integrate into the exciting world of research and academia while still in high school. Our excellence programs offer these youngsters an avenue through which they can fulfil their personal academic potential, while at the same time cultivating Israel’s next generation of elite scientists. All programs are fully accredited and contribute towards high-school graduation certificates.


The Future Scientists Center

Through fostering academic and scientific excellence among high schoolers, this highly prestigious national platform is cultivating the future of Israeli scientific leadership.

Its three flagship programs – Alpha, Idea and Odyssey – represent the most serious, extensive and intense injection of academic studies into the infrastructure of high school. Select students are invited to join these elite research programs: Alpha for those excelling in science and mathematics, Idea for those excelling in the humanities and Odyssey for those particularly gifted students looking to integrate high-level academic maths and physics into their final four years of high school.


Additional information on Alfa and Idea here                                                    Additional information on Odyssey here

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The Aleph-Aleph Fast Track Program

Select gifted teens need not wait to complete high school before beginning their graduate degrees. They are intellectually and emotionally mature enough to start while still in high school. The Aleph-Aleph program offers these outstanding high-schoolers the opportunity to study in university while still at school, enabling them to complete their bachelor’s degree prior to beginning their mandatory military service.

Additional information on Aleph-Aleph Fast Track Program here


A Taste of Academia

Providing a taste of academic study, this program offers a variety of university-level courses for talented teens to enjoy while still at school. These courses are designed to encourage individual creativity and to stimulate academic analysis, as these teens move forward through high school.

Additional information on Taste of Academia here