Science in the Periphery



Curiosity is the backbone of academic excellence. Luckily all children are curious, regardless of whether they live in the center of the country or in the periphery. But in the periphery, children often do not have the same opportunities to explore their curiosity in academic ways. Our ‘Science in the Periphery’ program fills that gap offering young children the tools for independent thinking and scientific creativity.

  • Variety of science programs, designed to spark curiosity, to boost self-confidence to ignite a love for science, and to encourage pupils to think outside the box
  • Lectures with top scientists, field trips to university laboratories, hands-on science experiments
  • Graduate students serve as mentors and role models
  • Over 1,000 elementary and junior high school children benefit each year from this supportive learning environment
  • Reaching youth across southern Israel – including Sderot, Kiryat Malachi, Yavne, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Rahat, Lod, Ofakim, Rehovot, and Netivot
  • Operated by the Rehovot campus
  • A partnership between Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ofanim organization

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