STEM at school

Advanced Science Labs

Bringing academic science directly into high schools, the Belmonte Science Laboratory Center, as a part of the Youth Division,  offers advanced laboratory activities in the fields of life sciences, chemistry and physics. Academic-level lab activities follow the 9th-12th grade curricula.

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    Science Festivals

    Offering an exciting injection of sophisticated, interactive scientific experiences, the Youth Division coordinates a range of age-appropriate day-long Science Festivals for middle and high schoolers.

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    Science Conventions for High Schoolers

    Offering academic-level lectures from the forefront of scientific research, peer learning opportunities, and hands-on activities, the Youth Division hosts three Science Conventions each year – in the fields of chemistry, biology and physics – specifically targeting 11th and 12th grade students.

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    Annual National Science Fair

    In culmination of a year-long countrywide Ministry of Education science initiative for high-schoolers, the Hebrew University Youth Division hosts the annual National Science and Technology Fair for Scientific Research and Problem Solving.                                                            

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