Community Outreach

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Exciting Scientific Encounters for Families and Youth

Motivated by a deep-rooted belief that science should be accessible to all, the Hebrew University Youth Division holds three annual science encounters for families and youth from the wider community. Each event – free of charge - focuses on a particular field of research and is designed to allow youngsters around the country to experience the joy of academic scientific discovery for themselves.

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The Open-Air Campus Museum

The Hebrew University is home to an extraordinary open-air museum on its lush campus grounds, showcasing its treasures of nature and knowledge. Members of the public are welcome to visit and stroll through the magnificent nature trails and science exhibits set in the beautiful campus grounds.

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Professors on Wheels: Bringing the Latest Academic Discoveries Right Into the Classroom

Children have a natural sense of curiosity. It is therefore key to foster an excitement for and appreciation of academic research, already at a young age. The Professors on Wheels initiative offers a unique opportunity for junior and high school children around the country to engage with top professors and learn about their latest discoveries, without having to leave their schools.

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