Advanced Study programs

Key to the successful cultivation of Israel’s next generation of young and talented scientists is ensuring that teachers are up to date with the latest scientific research tools and discoveries.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, we provide cutting edge professional development opportunities for teachers, designed to bolster their scientific knowledge and to enable them to expand their curricula accordingly.

Currently there are three professional development tracks for teachers:

  • The Labs for Schools training track – offers teachers high-level lectures from faculty members, practical training in university laboratories and opportunities for collaboration with teaching peers enabling them to build new and exciting teaching materials for their science classes using innovative educational approaches, such as PBL (project-based learning) designed to elevate their teaching practices.
  • Teacher Training Seminars – often involving a series of four-five lectures on the most recent cutting-edge scientific developments, run by academics at the forefront of their field.

Well-trained high-level teachers who have studied the most recent scientific research stand the highest chance of inspiring well-educated, interested, motivated and curious schoolers with a thirst for more. As such, these professional training and enrichment programs ultimately fuel everything that the Hebrew University Youth Division offers.



2 teachers in lab
Teachers seminar