The open-air Campus Museum



Would you like to meet a dinosaur face to face?!

Well, during a stroll through the Hebrew University’s magnificent grounds on the Edmond J. Safra Givat Ram campus, that might just happen. Indeed, during a visit to the unique Open-Air Campus museum you may find yourself face to face with an Israeli dinosaur and its friends. While there, you may also stumble across the giant trunk of a 2000-year old sequoia tree, pass through a Plant Evolution Garden, stroll over the forest Ecology Boardwalk, hike the Bird Migration trail or explore the Discovery Tree Walk.

Offering visitors of all ages an enjoyable and unusual encounter with nature and science, this extraordinary open-air museum – which can be strolled independently or enjoyed through a guided tour - is a true treasure.

Adding an element of competition and intrigue, the Open-Air Campus Museum is also the setting for Einstein’s Code - an exciting scavenger hunt where teams race against time solving riddles and gathering clues based on the nature and science around them. Blending outdoor contests with scientific challenges, set in the lush green campus grounds, the scavenger hunt, requiring advanced booking, is perfect for group bonding activities and team-building workshops. Groups – of at least 60 participants – can tune in to the game via a customized app on their phones, and enjoy this truly extraordinary and remarkable, fun encounter with science and nature.



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