Science in Hospitals


The Meyerhoff Youth Center for Advanced Studies offers off-campus projects and programs that enable youngsters to encounter science in different frameworks, fostering curiosity, and expanding their horizons.

Reaching Sick Children Too – Science in Hospitals

We believe that every child deserves to enjoy science. Even – or perhaps especially – those who are sick.

Children with chronic illnesses are often hospitalized for prolonged periods of time and are unable to attend school for even longer. This can be an added source of stress for both the children and their parents as they gradually fall further and further behind in their schoolwork. To alleviate this stress, we bring science activities right to them, right into the hospital wards themselves.

Mostly focusing on pediatric and psychiatric wards, our Science in Hospitals program offers physics, life sciences, chemistry, space sciences and medicine. With the main focus on advancing children’s scientific learning, these programs also serve to entertain the children during their long hospital stay. All activities are customized according to the levels and needs of the children in each ward.