Da Vinci Program



The ultimate renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Simply put, he was interested in how things worked. Designed in that spirit, the Da Vinci program is a unique multi-disciplinary after school program specifically for 9th graders who want to know more about the world around them.

During this key stage in children’s educational growth, when science in school is just touching the tip of the iceberg, while children are still thirsty and curious and while their academic interests and choices are still brewing, this program provides the perfect opportunity to harness that curiosity and expose children to a broad range of scientific offerings.

Spanning over 100 academic hours, this one-year after-school program that currently attracts more than 80 middle schoolers, offers them a chance to experience high-level scientific research and to acquire the necessary skills to excel in the study of science. Creating a truly unique encounter with academia, the programs involve a blend of interactive hands-on experiments, lab visits and frontal lectures.


Exciting topics offered through this program include:

  • game theory
  • philosophy and infinity
  • scientific-technological entrepreneurship
  • Chinese
  • international relations
  • neurobiology
  • nanosatellites
  • space technologies
  • the internet of things
  • industrial microbiology
  • inventive thinking

and more!

The Da Vinci program is a collaboration between the Youth Center for Advanced Studies, PICO Kids and the Jerusalem Foundation.