The Infinity Program



Schoolchildren from minority groups – including Ethiopian-Israeli immigrants or those from low socio-economic backgrounds – often lack the same opportunities as other children around the country.

These may include a lack of resources for educational enrichment, a lack of access to excellence programs, an absence of parental assistance with schoolwork and/or an inability to network in the same way as their peers.

Our Infinity program seeks to open doors for these children that would otherwise be closed. Focusing on science and technology, this prestigious school-based program fosters excellence among talented junior high-school students from underprivileged backgrounds, helping them fulfil their academic potential.

  • Taps into children’s natural curiosity and helps them fulfil their intellectual potential
  • Offers academic skills and analytical tools that will serve these motivated children in both the short- and the long-term
  • Includes empowerment workshops and self-development programs
  • Generates opportunities for children whose families encourage them to succeed but lack the economic means and social resources to help them
  • Spreads message that academic study is accessible to all – no one will be left behind regardless of socio-economic background

A partnership with the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Foundation


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