Equal Opportunities


Science in the Periphery

Curiosity is the backbone of academic excellence. Luckily all children are curious, regardless of whether they live in the center of the country or in the periphery. But in the periphery, children often do not have the same opportunities to explore their curiosity in academic ways. Our ‘Science in the Periphery’ program fills that gap offering young children the tools for independent thinking and scientific exploration.

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Science and Halacha - a program for ultra-Orthodox youth

Often high-schoolers within the ultra-Orthodox community have little exposure to the worlds of science and academia. Our Science and Halacha program offers them a unique opportunity to engage with high-level academic and scientific thought, through the lens of Jewish law.

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Infinity Program

School children from minority groups – such as Ethiopian-Israeli immigrants or those from low socio-economic backgrounds – often lack the opportunities available to other children. Our Infinity program seeks to open doors for these children that would otherwise be closed. Focusing on science and technology, this prestigious school-based program fosters excellence among these talented middle schoolers helping them fulfil their academic potential.

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Al Bashayir Program for Excelling Pupils from East Jerusalem

The transition from high school to university can be challenging for most youngs. This challenge can be all the more acute for those teens coming from minority groups such as the Arab community in East Jerusalem, many of whom fall between the cracks of the education system. Our Al Bashayir program provides the necessary tools and guidance to ensure that excelling teens from East Jerusalem successfully transition from school, into university and onwards towards gainful employment.

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