The European Researchers' Night in Israel



The European Researchers Night - A Night of Discovery

One night a year, an exciting buzz emerges on Hebrew university campuses across the country as doors are opened to welcome in the wider public. Featuring a rich and varied array of interactive science programs, laboratory tours, lectures, performances and hands-on experiments, all taking place in multiple different locations simultaneously, this remarkable annual science festival is a highlight among members of the public of all ages; indeed it is truly an evening to remember.

In the spirit of ensuring that science is accessible to all, an emphasis is placed on adapting this unique nocturnal event to the needs of hearing-impaired and disabled people.

The European Researchers Night is held in collaboration with the European Union and the Ministry of Science and Technology.


LM 1

LM מופע 1

This is your artwork!! Thank you to the workshop participants who drawed 140 images of Einstein under supervision of Prof. Michel Kichka on 10.09.2019.

140 Einstein