Alpha and Idea - Academic Research


Alpha and Idea

  • Elite research programs for excelling 10th and 11th graders from all over the country
  • Alpha focuses on science, technology and mathematics
  • Idea focuses on the humanities including history, social science, politics, philosophy, psychology, the arts, drama, music, economics and more
  • Designed for talented school pupils to cultivate their curiosity, enrich their world knowledge and explore their fields of interest at university, while still at high school
  • Collaboration between high schoolers, PhD student mentors and researchers on high-level independent academic research projects
  • Participants prepare and submit a written academic-level thesis
  • Key social activities and emotional support foster a sense of community and belonging among these young academics
  • Weekly meetings and two sleepaway summer camps serve to cultivate motivation, independence, self-confidence and social skills
  • A channel for budding academics to realize their personal potential and acquire invaluable social and academic tools for the future
  • Cultivating the next generation of future Israeli scholarly leadership.

Click here to listen to Michael Keinan, a 12th grader from Himmelfarb High School in Jerusalem describe his experiences as an Alpha participant and present his research findings in the field of ‘Typing with Word Prediction for Paralyzed Patients’.




Click here to listen to Idea participants reflect on the program in their own words